Into The Sun

I arrived at Valley Forge National Historical Park before the Rangers had unlocked the gates this morning. So, I whipped through the park and pulled over in the Church’s parking lot. 

The views as the sun was gently lifting the dew from the grass were stunning.  

This shot has the two ‘mountains’ Joy & Misery in the background, peeking through the mist.
This view at the start set the tone for my run which is a mid-distance run as I wind down in preparation for the Beat The Blerch run next Saturday in Carnation, WA. I stopped several times to take pictures as it was just so pretty out today.  

 This was as I reentered the park from the Farmhouse area having skirted the base of Mount Misery. I briefly entertained the idea of running over it but all the stairs I climbed yesterday helping a friend move house had worn out my calves.  

 These photos have no filters applied but just use the iPhone magic to set the contrast (etc.). This next one I call Icarus.  

 The Eagles cast a shadow as they soar against the sky. I like the fact that you can almost make out the roundness of the sun in this image. 

The photos took their toll on my pace but that wasn’t important today. 7.25 miles with an 8:15 pace. 

I did remember to get a screen grab of he info that comes out from the Polar Beat heart monitoring app.  

 I quite like these reports and how they summarise the effort you put in. 

This week is supposed to be a gentle week as I start to build some reserves for the race on Saturday but I like my runs as they give me extra calories to consume each day, so I don’t know how this will work out… So far I lost 9 lbs in five weeks which is important as we head into the main running and riding season. Hopefully it will confer some sort of advantage not dragging those extra ponds around! 


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