The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Runners

Monday mornings are traditionally my run/walk session with my friend. Because of the Labour Day holiday we let ourselves start after sunrise today as a special treat.

Also, it is the beginning of a new month and we normally change our intervals up. However, the mapmyrun app on android has a ‘feature’ that won’t let you adjust the run/walk intervals by seconds so you can only adjust it by whole minutes… 

Because of this I gave my friend a choice today: longer intervals or come and do a longer run with some hills in it. 

He foolishly chose the longer/hilly run around Valley Forge. It is a 7.25 mile route with rolling terrain that is a nice change from flat riverside runs. 

Hills are very difficult if you are not used to them. Even if they are only ‘rolling hills’. 

As we started the run Keith Straw (Ultra-marathoner) pulled into the lot. He caught up with us as we began our second interval and ran with us. I introduced my friend and we chatted about his running season. Once we moved into our walk interval he sped off to find the rest of the group.

We got to about the 5.9 mile mark before my friend asked us to to stop the running intervals. This is almost our normal interval distance but the added hills had really taken it out of him. 

That’s said, we still had to get back to the car and we were at the foot of Mount Misery. I’m proud to say that he chose to climb over rather than skirt around, despite being tired from the run. Excellent effort. 

With temps in the mid-60s and a low mist hanging through the valley, it was another beautiful morning. 

The hills were literally alive with the sound of runners today as the FastTracks running group did an extra group run at Valley Forge. It was nice seeing so many familiar faces as we ran around the park. We saw Keith another couple of times and got some banter going; always good for a long run. 

Our total distance was 7.7 miles with 760 ft of climbs which is a lot when you normally run totally flat ground. The pace doesn’t count because we walked the last 1.8 miles. 

We’ve also spotted another trail (Chapel Trail) through the park that is further away from rt 23 so we’ll be trying that out sometime soon! 


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