Tapering for a Half?

On Saturday I will be trying to Beat the Blerch in Carnation, WA., and I am looking forward to it immensely. 

Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal; race organiser) has shared some photos of people in costumes and the race looks like it will be a barrel of laughs. We even have his game (exploding kittens) to play on the flight over. 

The run is either 10k, half or full marathon. I’m signed up for the half and have not really been planning to taper very much as I often run this distance (or more), but perhaps I should to give me a chance of a better speed/time. I’m torn and not sure what I’ll do… 

The heat returned to Philly with a few days now in the 90s and high humidity. It was 75F on my run this morning at 5:15! Crazy.

I’m looking forward to the Apple launch event today; 25 mins and counting!  


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