Busy Run on Perkiomen Trail

I’m back to my regular running schedule and did a fifteen miler on the Perkiomen Trail this morning. 

It was a beautiful morning out there and around 66F with clouds keeping the heat away. The wind was a little high but still very nice. 

I passed a field of wild sunflowers and snapped this: 


The run progressed well once I was over my initial stiffness at around three miles. 

I was thoroughly enjoying myself when, all of a sudden, someone came zoooooooming by me! This never happens when I’m out on this trail as generally I’m the fastest person out there, so I was a little surprised. 

Then a couple of minutes later someone else came barrelling by me. Okay. This was starting to be weird. It was then that I noticed they had race tags on their chests. So I expected to see people heading back the other way sooner or later…

Then, as I crossed over a bridge, I found a large group of people waiting and cheering on the side of the trail. I scooted around the side through a car park so as not to run through the middle of the group.

Shortly after, a couple of others went past me. This was weird. Why were they still running this direction. 

Eventually I asked one of them as they shot by. Turns out they were running a relay race; the only one in the tri-state area. I found the website for it when I got home: Creek To River Relay

It’s a 29 mile run from Green Lane, PA to Conshohocken, PA, running beside the Perkiomen Creek and then the Schuykill River. Up to six people. One car. Sounds like a lot of fun. 

I’m surprised that I hadn’t seen it advertised anywhere. 

By the time I was done with my run seven people on the relay had overtaken me. Each time within half a mile of a handover point, so they had fresh legs. Some of them were really moving though. 

It certainly made my run more interesting. 

Today I chose to run to the new Ben Folds and y-music album “So There” but I found that it isn’t really running music; more melancholy and moody (which I like but not necessarily while running). At the end of the piano concerto (last three tracks; nice work, Mr Folds) I switched to My Chemical Romance to get some speed back in my legs. 

15 miles with a 7:57 pace. A solid training run. 


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