New Intervals & Sunrise

Today I met with my friend for our now traditional Monday morning run at Betzwood, PA. 

It was properly dark at 5:30 when we set out and didn’t really start to get light until we were on the homeward stretch. 

We adjusted our intervals to be 4:00 run and 2:00 recovery. This is good for me as a recovery run after a long Sunday. 

The sunrise today was spectacular.  

 This shot is without any filters or tweaking. That is now it looked! 
We saw one other person out on the trail walking. No record set today but the goal was to finish and complete the prescribed interval set. 

Because I see my friend each week it is easy for me to forget how much progress he has made with his weight loss. However, last Friday we met up with ex-colleagues for beer/food and some of them hadn’t seen him for a long time: what a difference. It just be a real confidence booster to hear those comments when you meet up with old friends. 

It was fun to hang out and bust on each other for a few hours. I then cycled home (10 miles in darkness) which really rounded the night off for me. 🙂


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