The Best Thing About Running…

I like to eat. Or more specifically, I like to eat crap. Biscuits (cookies), cake, sweeties (candy). They are all good, so so good, but also bad. 

Therefore, the thing I like best about running is that it allows me to enjoy some of these pleasures and still be able to keep my weight under control. For the last month and a half I’ve consistently been losing weight in preparation for racing/running season. 

The days when I don’t run are far more difficult to get through as I have to be really careful with the calories. Days with running and riding are the best! 

I’m using the Lose It! App to track my calories. It can scan barcodes to get most products and then you have to guesstimate others. Best to err on the larger side if you want the diet to be successful though. 

I’m at the end of the day. I feel like I’ve  eaten well and I still have spare calories I could consume. I’ve had some beer and some candy. Hurrah. 

Btw, that sunrise picture I posted got picked up by Valley Forge park and has had 864 likes. Crikey! 


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