Off Into the Wild

Well, I guess it isn’t totally wild in the Philly suburbs around Audubon and Skippack, but it is a quiet rural area and sometimes it is nice to run without a plan. 

I knew that is wanted to hit around 15 miles and was comfortable with upto 18 so I just started at Evansburg State Park and headed off on a pseudo-random route around the area. 

I had the vague thought to run past my friends recording studio on the northern edge of Skippack and did eventually manage to do that at around mile 7 of my route. It took a while to find it as I was literally just picking small roads that looked like they went the right general direction. 

Once I had made that distance I had to try and get back. This is where running with technology is helpful. Out with google maps and a quick check of a route back to my car. 

Hmm, a hilly route through one of the little villages I’d riden through last year; Creamery, PA. It is a quaint village on the edge of Skippack. 

On the way I ran past an interesting new build so I stopped off to nose around the site. Great location as it is near Skippack but not near a main road. It always pays to be on the look out for interesting property. 

Once through Creamery I stumbled back onto a trail I had run a couple of months ago that leads back to the park. 

At mile 14.5 I chose again to go a different direction knowing that I was on the edge of the park and couldn’t go too far off track. 

A more technical dirt trail along the ridge above Skippack creek got me a small cut on the back of my left calf from a stick that entangled in my shoes, but the trail was very invigorating. Steping into a technical trail when your legs are tired is actually quite a fun way to wake yourself up again and engage with the run. You have to be very present to avoid tripping or twisting ankles. Great fun. 

The trail eventually put me back onto the main park road about half a mile from my car, so I ran back and finished.

16.1 miles @ 7:56 pace isn’t bad if you count the building site exploration, portapotty stop, and dirt trail. 

I saw and heard many beautiful things while I was out exploring. Sometimes it is good to have the confidence to go off your beaten paths and to try something new. 

Get out there and enjoy running the world. 


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