Another Taper Week

I’m trying to keep my runs on the shorter side this week because I have the annual MS Society City to Shore bike ride this weekend.

Thus far I’ve done two five mile runs on Monday and Wednesday, and I’ll probably do one other before the weekend.

The ride starts in Cherry Hill, NJ and goes to Ocean City, NJ. The outward bound trip is about 100 miles and the return is 80. To spice it up again, this time I’ve decided that I will do a half-marathon when I reach the end on the first day… Because cycling one hundred miles isn’t enough stupid for one day!

Unfortunately the weather for this year’s event doesn’t look quite as good as it has been in past years. This is partly because it is later than normal due to being bumped by the Pope’s visit to Philly last weekend.

Typically, we don’t let the weather dampen our spirits on a ride like this, after all, any suffering we have for the weekend pales when compared to the daily suffering of people with MS. The ride does tend to bring out a certain amount of comradarie among the riders and that is often amplified by the rain. However, it does mean that we need to carry extra spare tubes because any rain washes the debris to the side of the road causing myriad punctures. It also lowers the speed of the riders, so I’m glad I’m not trying to do 125 miles down this year.

IMG_3851This was me (2nd from left) with some of my teammates last year. The weather was very nice. I love this riding kit as it brings out the super-hero in everyone!

Today’s run had a light rain falling and I managed to step shoe deep in one puddle when I wasn’t paying attention. 5.16 miles at a relaxed 8:14 pace. 

My sponsorship page is, if you can chip in: MS150 Sponsorship page. Thanks.


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