Turn of the Season

The weather looks to have turned decidedly toward Autumn. There are leaves down on every trail and the wind is starting to pick up.

In fact, the wind is causing problems here.

Sadly, the MS150 City to Shore ride that was planned for this weekend was cancelled yesterday when NJ declared a State of Emergency. This is the first time in its 35 year history that it has been cancelled. There’s a hurricane blowing up the coast and they can’t risk having cyclists, volunteers and emergency services on a charity ride. I’m disappointed but I think they’ve made the right decision. They have a great safety record. I’m sure the organisers are as disappointed as us riders as they put a lot more effort into the event than we do.

I had managed to raise $345 for the event so hopefully that will still do some good.

With that in mind, I don’t have to worry any more about my (slight) taper. I did ride my bike to work yesterday only to be stranded at the office for a few hours due to the torrential rain that was flowing outside the door. Thanks ‘The Weather Channel’ for the all clear forecast in the morning; doh!

Today’s run was brief and slightly damp at 3.75 miles and a reasonable pace of 8:03. I felt positively bouncy as I ran down the road. I took the 91 steps up the hill to the local school to get an extra challenge, although they are a little precarious when it is wet.

Time to go and wake the family so we can get out for breakfast…


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