Setting an Example

The other week it was my daughter’s 5th birthday and for a gift I chose to take her out to buy her first running clothes. 

She is everso excited about having them as she constantly sees me and her mum heading out on runs. Recently, she had also been asking about joining us on those runs so it seems like an appropriate thing to do.

Now, she’s very young to be starting running and I want her to enjoy it so we are keeping it light and fun and trying just to enjoy being out together. 

I set up intervals of 30 seconds running with four minute recoveries and we headed out around the neighbourhood. 

There were several of her young friends out playing in he street and she was very proud of saying to them that she was going on a walk/run with her daddy. Her friends didn’t even acknowledge this as they were wrapped up in their own little worlds of imagination. 

She kept picking up sticks, stopping to look at bugs, wanting to race to the next mailbox, playing with and dissecting leaves, etc.. We did get through the 28 minutes without her getting too tired to walk or any other excuse to stop. 1.5 miles covered. 

I’m looking forward to more and slowly adjusting the intervals. 

I broke out a new pair of Brooks Glycerine shoes as well because my old ones hit the 400 mile marker. This time I’m changing shoes before I start getting injuries from them being too tired. 

This week is turning into a high mileage week as I managed to get an extra long run in this morning; 9.5 rather than the usual 4 or 5. Wahoo! And the miles were rather hilly

I also managed to hit another weight goal this week having now lost 11 pounds since I started 2.5 months ago. Who says you can’t loose weight and train for marathon distances? It’s easy if you watch your calories when you use an app (like Lose It!, for example). 


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