One thing that I am finding as I keep dropping weight, is that it gets easier to run longer distances and my speeds seem to be improving. Now, while this may be related to the weightloss it is also probably due to the extra miles I am putting in to help with the calorie scores.

September turns out to have been another record month for me from a distance point of view. I managed to run a total of 137.45 miles. This is the second month in a row that I’ve got a new record. I think I’ll add a section for this on my represent page.

My legs feel strong and my times are dropping. I wanted to make sure that people understand, however, that this is all related to a very gradual increase in my activity levels over a long period of time. It is not just someone starting to run and suddenly doing those types of distances; if anyone does that they will undoubtedly get injured.

It is a careful balance of increasing activity, monitoring calories and nutrients, and remaining focused.

Yes, it does appear to be possible to train for marathon-distances and actually lose weight (which goes against many an Internet meme) but only if you do it slowly and carefully.

Yesterday, I tried a lunchtime run from my office rather than an early morning one. It was really fun as there are a number of people that hit the trails at lunchtime and that gave me some ‘rabbits’ to try and pass. My pace over the four miles was around 6:53 which shows just how much faster I was going. It really was a fun run with ideal temps and some good competition, although, to be fair, they didn’t realise that they were the competition!


One thought on “S.P.E.E.D.

  1. my26pointtwo

    I would be really interested to hear a bit more about the strategies you are using to achieve your target racing weight. I have always struggled with getting the diet element of my training right. Always keen to hear what is working for others. I really could do with dropping a fee kg as part of my training cycle up until Christmas. Any tips appreciated!


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