Time to be Mended

After an intense few weeks of running it is once again time for my scheduled massage therapy. Hurrah, my ankles and calves need it. 

This weekend turned out to be very tiring with many miles logged:

  • 3.5 walked at Dutch Wonderland
  • 20 run Sunday
  • 6.2 run Monday morning
  • 1.5 run Monday evening with my daughter 

All-in-all I’m rather pooped. The Monday morning 6.2 miler was yet another record for my friend and I at 1:03:xx; faster than a previous best by over a minute. Always a good way to start the week. 

Having Tuesday off was nice but I certainly felt it in my legs this morning as I tried to get moving again. 

The walk/run with my daughter was nice again and I changed the intervals a little to give her some more running time. It’s tough to balance between enough recovery and enough actual running as she is keen to do the running but cannot last very long yet. 

I also don’t want to put her off running so I’m being very careful to keep it light and enjoyable; I must not get frustrated at her stopping to pick up leaves, etc. šŸ˜‰

The run this morning was at a cool 50F in utter darkness through the suburbs of Lower Providence, PA. It was lovely. A relaxing 8:01 pace set me up for a good day. 


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