Autumn Vacation

There have been no updates from me for a while as I have been on vacation with my family. 

We have been continuing our exploration of America, where we took our kids out to Moab, UT, for a week of rocks, dinosaurs and wonderful views. 

While out here my wife ran The Other Half half-marathon so that she could cross another State off her list (15 down). It was a beautiful run through canyons and along the Colorado river. She completed in a good time and took a few snaps along the way. 

This is a shot I took at the finish line: 

 Not a bad place to have to wait, eh?

  This is the actual finish line. 

Of course, I couldn’t let the holiday slip by without putting in a few miles myself, so I’ve run on the Monday and Tuesday mornings so far. 
The Monday run was from Moab to the entrance of Arches National Park. This was a nice run along a mixture of road and trails. Very scenic.  

   This was the view across the river from the bridge pictured above. 
The Tuesday run was the other way from town. And that was not quite so scenic! The town sort of peters out as you head up the hill. There are a few housing areas off the side of the road but it is mainly industrial and then gives way to… Well, nothing really. At least the entire road is lined by a large red cliff that is colourful in the morning sun.  

In other news, I signed up for my first official marathon in early December at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. I am at exactly the right point in the training programme having completed 20 miles last weekend, and it is also one that could count as a Boston qualifier. I’ll have to put in some significant improvements to get to that point though. 

Thankfully, being in Utah has meant that I’ve avoided the onset of the first throws of winter temperatures in the Philly region; my friend was running in 27F on Monday morning… It was 60+ in Utah. 🙂

  You never know what you might run into in Utah. It will certainly encourage you to run faster. Perhaps I could take one back with me for the marathon? 



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