Busy Week of Running

I guess that somewhere in my subconscious I was trying to make up for the fact that I didn’t run on Sunday after flying back from Utah. I was tired (jet lagged) and dehydrated from all the flights, but I didn’t really have an excuse for not running.

To make up for it I did quite a lot of runs and I’m trying to keep to something like the intermediate experience running plan in the runners world book.

Monday I did a 6.2 miler… Tuesday 6.7… Wednesday a simple 5 and then Thursday was a ten miler with eight at marathon pace. So I ran Thursday and sort of guessed what my pace to reach the 3:25 marathon goal should be; doing it by feel. I ran a 7:44 pace. 

When I got home I worked out what I should do using the calculator on Macmillanrunning.com and… It said I need to run a 7:49 pace to achieve that marathon time. Pretty close and, in fact, slightly under. Good stuff.


However, if I enter my 10 mile time into their calculator it estimates my marathon time at 3:38:57. This is all very confusing. I assume these calculators work differently when you are entering your ‘best’ time for a distance vs when you are training for a longer distance and running at the pace approximate for the longer distance. Who knows? 

This weekend I have to do twenty miles. A long morning on Sunday…


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