That was the Week that was. 

It has been a packed week and I haven’t really had time to post any updates. 

It started out with a lovely run on Monday morning with my friend. We got another walk/run record for the course of 1:01:01 for 6.2 miles. This is always an excellent way to start the week and a nice recovery run after Sunday’s long run.  

Of course, one of the best things about this week is that the clocks got set back and there was some light in my morning runs. Generally I can switch off my torch (flashlight) by six AM now, unless I’m on roads. 

This does mean that I have to start sharing my running mornings with my wife again as she will run when there’s enough light to see by. 

On Wednesday I seized the chance to cycle to work after my morning run. The weather looked good (maybe a tad chilly) and I had a Java Users’ Group meeting in the evening that was within biking distance. 

It did mean riding a fair amount in the dark but I find that to be a feeling of adventure, especially as I mainly ride back roads. My seven mile ride home had me passed by just six cars. It felt good to get back in the saddle as I hadn’t done it since getting back from vacation. 

On Thursday I had a very early morning conference call with England that left me no opportunity to run. It is strange how much you miss a regularly planned run, especially when the alternative is sitting on a Conf call for five hours. 

My friends and I were discussing the possibility of running the Grand Canyon half-marathon next year until I read a post that pointed out that the course doesn’t go anywhere near the canyon. It doesn’t even offer views of the canyon. State Parks don’t allow organised events like that within their boundaries. 

And now it is Friday. I did a slightly longer run (8.4 miles) to make up for missing out Thursday and I am also riding today. 

This weekend is a recovery weekend in my training plan and only requires a 15 mile run on Sunday. That’ll be nice then.  

 I went out to lunch with my team on Wednesday and three of us had P. F. Chang’s Great Wall of Chocolate at a mere 1540 calories per portion. It is a good job that I like running and riding.


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