Change Category

Another year passes and this time it moves me from one category on a survey into the next block: 45-54. It also seems that one my birthday I ended up completing several surveys and having it hammered home!

This, of course, also moves me into the next category for possible Boston qualification (BQ) times. It makes them within reach but still quite a stretch for me personally.  

The long run on Sunday went well and was (only) 15 miles this week. It was good to have a shorter (!) run this weekend. It was a little chilly when I set out but I was soon warm. It actually felt quite hard for the first few miles. 

On Monday I did my weekly run/walk with my friend. It was even colder that day (32F) and getting up at 4:45 on a day off feels really wrong. At 1:01:09 it was eight seconds slower than the previous week. 

To celebrate my birthday I went out and bought some new clothes. Having shed some weight recently I decided I should buy some new (smaller) clothes so that I don’t look like I’m walking around wearing a potato sack. 

I also went to the cinema with my friend to see Bridge of Spies which was a very enjoyable film. 

Tuesday saw birthday cakes and candy trying to derail my diet but that’s what birthdays are for. Arun time spent with the kids. 

Today I ran extra to try and make up for all those bad calories. 10.7 miles at an 8:10 pace flew by and I took an old route that I hadn’t run in a while. Some lovely views and a little section of new trail run on; it is always good to see the trail network being extended. 

Now I have to avoid the donuts and bagels at work today… Alright, perhaps not ‘avoid’ but try not to eat too many of them myself! 😉

I’m supposed to run close to fifty miles this week according to the plan. Two more mornings of six to go and then a 22 miler on Sunday. That’s going to take some effort… But that’s the point, I suppose. 


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