Keep ‘Em Moving

Today was looooong run day in my marathon training and I reached the zenith of the plan with the most miles in the week and the longest weekend run. 

As I commented yesterday, the training is to get you used to running on tired legs and this was certainly achieved. 

It was quite windy but the temps were around 46F. This felt cold for the first four miles on the Perkiomen River Trail but was okay after that. 

My legs were tired and tight for the first eight miles of the run and then, all of a sudden, they freed up. Until then the run had been a real drag; at two miles I felt like I’d never be able to finish. 

Once I reached the turn around point deep in the heart of Green Lane Park, PA, I felt elated. That last mile (mile 10-11) had all been uphill but it was good to turn around and run down it. 

I also stopped at this point to empty stones out of my shoes. After this I was positively bouncing back down the hill. 

My pace to the halfway point had been 8:30 on the nail. Supposedly a minute slower than race pace for these loooooong runs. 

With about five miles to go the batteries in my Bluetooth headphones went out (I didn’t charge then the night before; my fault) but then I got to listen to the sounds of the trail, which was nice. 

I saw quite a few people around when I started out but after mile eight the number of people thinned out. 

I tried to up my pace for the last few miles. To reduce your average time by a second after doing twenty miles requires you run 20 seconds faster for that next mile. Quite a feat at this stage. However, I pulled it off. 

By the time I finished all 22 miles my average pace was at 8:18. Result. 

My legs aren’t too tired and I’ve just filled up with a monster burrito from Q’doba. 

I dropped three pounds while out on the run and ate one clif bar and eight shot blocks. I drank 3/4 of a bottle of water and the route included one thousand feet of climbing. 

  The route was beautiful (as ever) and I cleared a lot of branches from the trail as I ran. 
  My splits were good and clearly show the negative split that I was trying to keep up. 
Now to recover. 🙂

Thanks for the comments of support yesterday; much appreciated. 


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