Mile Repeats and Meteors

Today’s training plan entry called for ‘Mile repeats’ which are described as:

“Run two miles to warm up, then run 1 mile at 10k pace, then a quarter mile easy, repeat three times, then cool down for two miles.”

This is fine if you are on a track as it is easy to count the miles (four laps) and quarters (1 lap), but out in the real world it gets very confusing. It is also odd because they aren’t really mile repeats; they are 1 1/4 mile repeats… Any way! 

So I switched it around a little. I ran the two mile warm up and then did 3/4 mile at 10k pace and a quarter mile at an easy pace. I did four repeats. This made me run for the same distance at the higher effort but was easier to keep track of with my gps. 

It was quite a tough exercise especially after my bike commuting the day before; I went out to the movies after work and had to ride a bit extra because of it. 

Right at the five mile mark I saw a meteor streaming through the skies. This was one from the Leonid meteor shower. I wasn’t sure I’d get to see any because it was cloudy but I kept an eye open and it paid off. 

At 35F it was a brisk morning but I overdressed a little and could have run with lighter clothes. 

Tonight I have an appointment with my trigger point therapist and hope that will not be too painful. 


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