Running on Tired Legs Again

Another week of marathon training and with it long miles on tired legs. 

Around 45 miles total this week with the Saturday run being only 15 miles. Again, getting started was tough as I’d run three consecutive days beforehand, but that is the point of the training. 

When I hit the trail there was an old guy riding his bike so slowly I thought he may fall off. Indeed, whenever he got to even the slightest uphill he would dismount and push the bike up the hill. 

This meant that I’d catch up and over take him on each hill and then he’d ‘zoom’ past on the flats. This repeated about four or five times. 

Unfortunately, this led to me starting my run a little too fast. These weekend runs are supposed to be long and slow distance runs. I ended up running the whole 15 miles with a 7:41 average. A good speed for the marathon but not what I was suppose to do in this run.  

 At the turn around I had a 7:50 pace and managed to pull a negative split out of the bag even with that. Those last two miles I was really flying. I’m not sure where that comes from…

In other news, the friend that I run with sprained his ankle while doing a trail run on Saturday; I hope he recovers in time for our planned Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning as we’ve been preparing for it for months. 

I’m now officially into the taper for my marathon with only 32 miles on the card this week. That’ll feel weird. 

Less than two weeks to go to the race and the real deciding factor will probably be the one thing I can’t control; the weather. 


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