Turkey Trot

Today was the annual family turkey trot that we run at Wilson Farm Park in Chesterbrook, PA.  

 This year it was sunny and quite warm compared to last year’s snowy day. We still wrapped the kids up in cosy layers. 

Harmony had a half mile kids run (that’s quite long for little kids) and managed to run/walk the whole thing; no riding on my shoulders this year!

We were joined once again by my friend Ed.  

 At this time last year he had been running for almost two months. We are now a year later on and he runs three to four times a week, covering at least fourteen miles per week. Impressive. 

Last year he was about 260 lbs and we ran it in 45:43. 

This year he’s about 180 lbs and we ran it in about… 28:35. What an achievement! We were hoping to break the 30 minute mark and this smashed it.  We were helped by us basically ignoring the intervals and running the first two miles with no walking breaks. 

 Here he is recovering at the end. And over his shoulder, I think, is one of my blogging friends Annie from thelittlegsp.com . I only noticed her once I’d taken the shot and she walked off in the other direction.  

 Was that you, Annie? It was off the main trail to the right-hand side past the finish line… I shouted out to you but you were walking off the other way. 

Anyway, we all had a good time and went off for a diner second breakfast afterwards.

This tapering lark feels rather lazy but I’m enjoying it so far. 

Happy Thanksgiving, blogosphere. 


3 thoughts on “Turkey Trot

  1. Annie at TheLittleGSP.com

    hahaha, yes, that’s totally me! I saw myself in your photo before I continued reading and was going to point that out, but I see you already noticed! What are the odds? 🙂 I thought I saw you as we were driving out of the park (and now that I see your yellow shirt I’m sure it was you!) but we were in traffic and couldn’t smoothly stop to say hi.

    Anyway… congrats to Harmony for doing the whole kids run and congrats to Ed for smashing the 30 minute mark!! The conditions were perfect for a good run today. Happy Thanksgiving!


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