Last Long Run: Full-on Taper Week

So that’s it. Less than a week to my first ‘official’ marathon at Rehoboth Beach, DE, and I’ve just completed my last long training run. 

It was supposed to be another LSD (Long Slow Distance) run but I got a little carried away with the excitement of the coming race. My pace in the first couple of miles was fast so I allowed my self to slow a little mid-way and then pushed to get a negative split on the return leg. 

At the turn around point I was running a 7:52 pace (which is less than I have to run to achieve my goal for the marathon) and by the time I was finished the twelve miles I was at 7:38 pace. A good strong finish.  

 Those last couple of miles were very fast. 

So that’s it. A couple of short runs and a one mile time trial and then it’s marathon time! 

Crazy. I’ve done all I can to prepare for the race. Now I have to carb load and watch my weight. I read the other day that every extra pound above your lowest healthy BMI number (18.5 BMI = 129lbs for my sex/age/height) adds a minute to you marathon finish time; in theory I could be sixteen pounds lighter but I doubt I’d be sixteen minutes faster!

I also need to make sure I hydrate sufficiently and then hope the weather stays mild for the weekend. 


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