Last Pre-Marathon Run

Well, that was it. The last gentle three (and a half) mile run before my marathon in Rehobeth Beach, DE, tomorrow. I’m nervously looking forward to the race and hoping that I can keep my pace under control in the first few miles; I must not go zooming off too quickly. 

I’ve packed all my running paraphernalia and some warm clothes for afterwards so that I can hang out for the after party. I’ve heard that the party is pretty good and has lots of pancakes; I will definitely avail myself of those!

Picture by TheOatmeal.

The temperature is looking to be perfect; around 40F with a light wind. There hasn’t been much rain recently so the trails will be in good order and I’ve managed to avoid the cough/cold bug that the rest of my household has been suffering. My throat is sore but it hasn’t impacted any of my running or my breathing.

This morning was supposed to be a very easy three mile run but it’s just not worth getting up and out for that so I made it a 3.8 with some hills. It was good to run as the taper has meant that I’ve done very few miles this week. 

Picture by TheOatmeal. 

I’ve not had too many of the taper-hebegebies; not going crazy in the office or getting stressed at the wrong times. I had two parties to attend last night and managed to have plenty of water with my meal. 

In about an hour I will hit the road down to Delaware to pickup my race packet and check in to the hotel.

I’m definitely getting excited now.


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