Recovery Week

This week was supposed to be a slow one for recovering after the marathon at the weekend.  

 Recovering from this. I was asked to pose with this. And this. All courtesy of my new friends in the Marathon Maniacs. 

Recovery? Not so much as it turns out. 

I did take Sunday off and my legs were very tight. I couldn’t easily transition from standing to sitting which makes bathroom trips interesting and requires you to hold onto hand rails; I guess that is how old age feels. 

Monday morning I went out and did my standard 6.2 miles with my friend. He was happy that I was tired and stiff and running more slowly than usual. We stuck with our 5 min run, 2 min walk structure and I managed to get through it. 

This really helped my legs feel better and by Monday afternoon all aches and pains had passed. 

Tuesday I couldn’t get out in the morning so did a quick four miler at lunch time. 

Wednesday was another four miler just to keep my legs turning over. 

Today (Thursday) I ran a slow eight and a half miler under the stars, chasing deer and startling birds that weren’t expecting me to appear out of the dark. 

So, I guess it is fair to say, I’m through the recovery. My plan is to start preparations for my annual Boxing Day marathon run from home. This means it is almost time to start the taper. 

I also went through and counted the miles for November: 193.5! This is more than fifty miles greater than my previous best. Marathon training certainly pushes your distances. 

My total for the year is now at just over 1200 miles. 


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