Don’t Get Distracted

This morning I nearly came a-cropper as I had let my mind wander while running. There I was considering why the local middle school locked all their trucks and vehicles inside a high fenced area, when I suddenly found myself plummeting toward the floor.

For some unknown reason this closed off road has speed bumps on it and I just wasn’t paying any attention. Thankfully I have quick reflexes and managed to save myself before my face hit the concrete. But it certainly got my focus back to the running.

On Monday I ran a new record on the 6.2 mile run/walk with my friend: 1:00:34. We are so close to breaking the one hour mark now. The 5:2 intervals work well and we are running straight-through a couple of them on the return leg of the run. We are running about 17 minutes without a break at that point which is pretty good.


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