Ouch: Watch Out for Sleeping Policemen. 

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I tripped on a sleeping policeman (speed bump) while running through a local school. 

Well, it happened again and this time I didn’t manage to catch myself. 😦

I was running the route in the reverse direction, uphill, in the rain and dark, and I got past the one I tripped on previously. 

Because of that I let my mind wander and take in the scene. Bang. 

Suddenly I’m on the deck. Damned if there wasn’t another one lurking in the shadows, waiting to trip me. 

When I went down I cut my knee, my elbow and my hand. I also scratched my glasses which I was carrying in my hand because of the rain; lucky they didn’t get totalled! I also broken the clasp on my knuckle light, rendering it useless.  

By the end of my run my leg was a blooded mess. Turn away if you are squeamish. 








It looks impressive but it was only a small cut that bled down my leg as I continued to run. 

For the remainder of the run I was very carefully not to trip on anything else and used my knuckle light far more. I was determined not to stop the run because of it though. 

The cuts have bruises around them and are a little sore but guess we’ll find out how bad they really are after a day or so. Hopefully no real damage. 

So I ordered some new knuckle lights as I don’t want to be without those. 

Life carries on but I’ll think twice before running that stretch of path again… Me and my stupid wandering brain. 😉


5 thoughts on “Ouch: Watch Out for Sleeping Policemen. 

  1. runrodrun

    Yikes! I guess we know you’ve given blood and sweat into your running! Any tears? 🤔

    Be careful out there it really is dangerous being in the dark for our training sessions. Thankfully the days are getting longer.

  2. usabaker

    Ouch is an understatement! glad it wasn’t too serious though. The perils of night running. I don’t know how you can run in the rain, dark and when its that cold! I nearly froze in place in Florida and it was in the 50’s.


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