Utility Running

It’s not often I get for run for a real reason and by that I mean to get somewhere specific rather than just for exercise. Running for utility. 

However, last night we drove to a town about ten miles away for a grown-ups night out, drank heartily and the ubered home at the end of the night. 

This left our car needing to be retrieved today, me with a slight hangover, and in need of my regular weekend long run. The perfect combination. 

The temps were perfect at 55F but it was raining quite thoroughly. It’s just rain though. I loaded up with my new knuckle lights (slightly different logos for the latest model but works the same) as I wanted to make sure that traffic would see me in the rain. 

Most of the route was to be trails after the first 2.5 on roads. The trail by the river was completely flooded out so I was treading water quite a bit. I had expected this though so I wasn’t put off. 

The canal was getting quite full from the extra water but not enough to encroach on the trails, thankfully. 

Anyhow, mission accomplished and I retrieved the car and shook off the hangover. 

My wounds from Friday’s fall are healing well. Scabs are forming nicely on my knee and elbow. And I have to say that the band aids I’ve been using (Star Wars and Peanuts) have worked incredibly well, remaining adhered despite being on areas that have a lot of movement. 

I find myself thinking about my friend running the last part of his Dopey Challenge down in Florida today. I hope he’s doing well…


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