First Footing Fresh Snow

Finally the snow has arrived in south-eastern Pennsylvania. It took until mid-January, but it has arrived. 

This meant that on Wednesday morning I got to go out early and ‘first foot’ many areas around my house. 

I chose a long hilly route that mixed roads and woodland. 

The roads were fine as it was only a light snow fall but you have to be extra careful when traffic approaches as they may not be able to easily move out around you. 

Wearing lots of bright clothing and make sure that it is NOT white. Green and orange are best. Also, blinky lights will let traffic see you from further and give them more time to adjust their road position and speed. 

Running through the woods can be a little tricky. You have to keep your eyes open for covered roots and look out for ice on the hills… In both directions! Running uphill and downhill gives traction issues. 

With temperatures in the single digits (9F) it was a very cold morning. This meant I needed an extra layer to cope with the wind, a neck gator and a hat. Mummification. 

And again today I was out with temps around 14F. I run the risk of using all my clothes up before the next wash cycle as I’m wearing so many layers each time I go out… Especially as I’ve riden to work a couple of times this week too! 

Stay warm, everyone. 


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