Burning Up The Mountains of Fire

Not many updates this weekend as I am away with my wife and kids in Arizona visiting one of our friends.  

She ran the Rock’n’roll Half yesterday and crossed yet another State off her list. 

And today, I finally got a run in and took to the mountains near our friends house.  

 It was just over two miles from her house up to the local mountains. I was out just before sunrise and snapped a few very pretty shots. 

There’s a reason why the State flag has a burning sun on it. The sky looks lovely in the early morning and at sunset. 

The trail I ended up on was actually quite a technically difficult trail on the side of a hill that required my full attention to avoid tripping on the uneven surface. 

The views from partway up were stunning as the fire in the sky started to catch on the roofs of Scottsdale, AZ.  I captured some of it in this magnificent panoramic shot.  

At the four mile mark I turned and headed back to the family. The last day of our trip out here and we wanted to get out for a last breakfast. 
The temperatures have been a comfortable 65F during the day. 

It made me smile this morning as I was coming back down the mountain and seeing other local runners out. It was about 45F but they all had leggings, long sleeves and jackets; there was me enjoying the ‘warmth’ in my shorts and tee. Haha – lightweights!


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