A Quick Run Around my Home Town

No updates this week because I’ve been travelling in the UK. 

And, in a manner similar to last year, as soon as I got here they announced massive snow storms in the US. This will be the third year in a row that I’ve been out of the country for large snow storms. Lucky me, but so fortunate for my wife. 

Any how, the combination of meetings and long nights drinks with family left me with little chance to actually run. 

Finally I got out on my last morning here for a run from my parents house and out around the area I grew up in. I stuck to the countryside rather than heading into the town as I thought it would be fresher. 

The air quality seems to be deteriorating in that area and I could taste the car fumes even at six AM on a rainy Sunday morning. Be careful, England. 

Again there has been some new building development since I ran here last year and they are building out extra pathways to support people. 

Another very noticeable change is the number of other runners. While I was put I only saw one as it was very early, but the previous day and later on this morning, I saw lots of runners scooting up and down the road. 

This is a really good thing to see. I’m happy that people in the UK seem to finally be embracing the running culture. 

I ran four and a bit miles and enjoyed myself. Nothing too fast. Nothing too long. Just enjoyable. 


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