Run for a Reason: Car Service

I occasionally like to share an idea to help you find actual real life reasons to run. It’s all very well running around in circles at a track, or doing out and back routes through your neighbourhood, but sometimes it helps to have a purpose for your run.

Today my purpose was to get my (wife’s) car serviced. 

The garage we use is about three miles from my office so it is a comfortable running distance between them. My plans were somewhat screwed when I found that part of the short running route was inaccessible due to floods from the recent rain and snow-melt combo. This meant that I had to resort to taking roads (during rush hour is not ideal) and going an extra mile or so.

Of course, doing this also means that you have to run back to the garage in the evening to get the car. I’ve never really enjoyed evening running and top-and-tailing the day.

Eventually I got back out on the road after waiting for rush hour to pass. This meant it was dark but I had the foresight to bring my blinky lights. The run was hard work on tired legs and after a trying day in the office. 

Running for a reason is good, but hard on a work day.


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