Random Distance; Random Route. 

When I set out today for my long slow run I had no real plan for distance or route other than doing more than fifteen miles. I like days like these as it is good to not feel beholden to any particular plan. 

The temps were just below freezing at 29F and the sun was low in the Eastern sky as I topped the first hill and emerged into the orange hue of the morning light. 

I started along one my my regular routes out towards Skippack and eventually stumbled upon a new trail: Zacharia’s Trail. I’ve run parts of this out the other direction but I guess they must have extended it (or I just hadn’t noticed it before). 

The trail skirts a creek which looked beautiful in the early morning light. 

Eventually I came to a car park and saw that the trail continued across the road, so I kept heading in that direction… And half a mile later the trail just petered out with a six foot turning circle. Boo. I was enjoying that. 

 After backtracking to the car park I turned and headed up towards Skippack. 

I took a bathroom break at a Wa-wa and then decided to head off down a road I hadn’t been on before.  I was suitably far out that I had to resort to following route numbers to go back in the right general direction. 

A few miles down this road I came to a pedestrian crossing that I recognised from another trail run I do, so I took this and started heading back to civilisation. 

As I came through Evansburg State Park there were a couple of other runners in front of me (for a short time) as they were doing interval training. 

Then I caught sight of another with only three miles to home so I accelerated to try and race him a little. I know it is unfair to race someone when they don’t even know you are doing it, but I figured the 15 miles already under my belt were probably more than they had run that morning. 

I eventually caught and passed him. 

As I came into the last mile I chose to run the extra hilly route back just to finish off with a bit of a burn. 

All in all a nice nineteen mile run that was suitably random. I managed a clean negative split with an average pace of 7:49 overall at the end. 

Not bad seeing as I ran with only a special-k breakfast plus a clif mint choc bar and four shot blocks. 

As a bonus, this run actually pushed me over the final threshold of my company’s health care rewards plan (Virgin Pulse) earning me forty bucks (on top of the $60 I have already earned this year). What to spend the rewards on… Cake? Shoes? Both? 🙂


My musical entertainment today was a compilation of my own tracks from yesteryear; a blast from the past. Some mellow and some rock. A fun trip down memory lane. The picture above is of me and my best friend and co-writer/performer at the top of the Empire State Building, taken on a disposable film camera; those were the days. 


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