Feb Recap and Long Run

With temps right around the freezing point this morning it was a perfect day for a long slow distance (LSD) run. 

I knew I wanted to go long today and ate some extra food the previous day, although I might advise against Chicken Vindaloo in retrospect. 

After a light breakfast I hit the trails with a steady slow pace. 

I’ve recently switched some of the apps that I use as my company health plan no longer requires heart rate tracking to be reported to get bonus points. Therefore, I now do everything through the mapmyrun app. Tracking my shoes, my route, my heart rate and controlling my music, with a reasonable Apple Watch interface too. It is a pretty solid system. (Note that I have the paid version and that I also pay an annual fee for the service). 

I planned to run around 11 miles and extracted that this would get me approximately to a water/toilet block on the Perkiomen trail. I was about 0.2 miles off in my estimate; not bad. 

I’m also glad that I chose that particular location as a turning point as … Well… Vindaloo. 

There were quite a lot of runners put on the Perk trail but the other trails connecting to and through Evansburg State Park were all empty. I guess people are avoiding hill training! The next big local race is the Broad Street run and that is pretty well flat. 

I managed to complete the run with a slight negative split and an 8:36 pace. Not too far off pace really but not as fast as last weeks nineteen miler. 

Still, 22 miles in the bag and I feel fine so that’s not to be sniffed at!

I did a quick check of my running totals for February and found that I hit the 145 miles in a month mark. Also, not too shabby. This makes 241 for the year so far. 

I don’t have a distance goal for his year but instead just want to enjoy running. The marathon training at the end of last year made me start to count the miles too closely, wishing them away almost. 


3 thoughts on “Feb Recap and Long Run

  1. usabaker

    I’m William RR Baker MapMyRun;trying to find anyone is nuts on MapMyRun there search engine leaves much to be desired. I actually use iSmoothRun and its linked to MapMyRun. I hated having to pay the subscription fee to get the feature that should come with a paid version of the software. I still join Challenges on MapMyRun as well it doesn’t seem to care that its getting the run data from another app.


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