Daylight’s Precious Hours

This weekend the clocks change. Spring forward and lend the evenings some light.

However, that is stealing the light from my morning runs. It has been so nice running these last few weeks without having to use a torch (Brit.). (In America they think a torch is something you’d carry to burn a village, or for the olympics).

This morning I finally got my Brooks Glycerine shoes over their four hundred mile mark so I went out and bought some new shoes. My massage therapist had noticed that I was having some foot stress and suggested slightly higher bridge support. When I took my last pair with me to the shop they said I was pronating ever so slightly but that a different shoe (less neutral) might help.

All this means that I’m now the proud owner of a pair of Brooks Ravenna 7 shoes.  

   These shots show the wear on my old Glycerine 12s. Note the slight wear on the outside of the heal area, but other than that era even. This is a good thing. Some people might be tempted to continue running with the tread in such a good state but I know from past experience that it is best for me to move on at 400 miles.
The new Ravenna 7s look like this.  

 I’m not sure about the whole “Carpe Runem” tag inside the shoes though. That seems a bit naff. 


One thought on “Daylight’s Precious Hours

  1. usabaker

    Wow the tread style and pattern is much different from the 6 and 7. And yes a torch is fire on the end of a stick used to chase Frankenstein and to search caves.


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