Can’t Sleep? Get up and run!

Another night with a busy brain. After sleeping from 9:30 until 1:30 my brain woke up thinking about work and finances. 

I wrote a few notes to myself and tried to get back to sleep but after two hours of struggling I just got up, put on running gear, and went out for my run extra early. 

I have to say that it was lovely out. The Stars were resplendent in the night sky. I only saw six cars through the whole 10 mile run and tried to do most of it without using my flashlight (except where the road surface was too dark to be sure of my footing). 

Now I expect my kids to wake up shortly and to have to deal with a full day on only a few hours of sleep. However, I think achieved quite a lot of clarity in my thoughts and notes so I’ll probably take a few hours off during the day. 

Night time running was fun but I think I’d rather have been able to sleep through… 

My thoughts are with Eddie Izzard the British comedian who is trying to run 27 marathons in 27 days in Aftica for charity. He’s already at 21… Wow. Read about it Here.


One thought on “Can’t Sleep? Get up and run!

  1. runrodrun

    I’ve done this before too. 13km at 3 a.m. Problem for me was that I wanted to go back to sleep 2 km’s into my run. I didn’t want to bail on the run though as I’d just be do it all again in a few hours. But boy howdy, a sleep-deprived run was not fun for me!

    Hope you have a good day and are able to make up the zzzzzz’s!


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