Squeezing in a Weekend Long Run (& other stuff)

When a busy weekend presents itself squeezing in your long, slow distance run can be problematic. 

I’m nearly always a morning runner. Get up. Get out. Get it done. But sometimes that isn’t possible and you have to be flexible. 

This weekend saw me running around dinner time on Saturday afternoon. I had to take lights with me as I knew it would be dark before I got home. I took plenty of snacks and headed out the door. 

My body doesn’t like starting to run in the afternoon and it took me about eight miles until I started to feel like I was in the groove. 

I chose another new route that kept me away from any major (not that major out in suburbia) roads and more on trails. 

With the goal of something between 12-26 miles, I ended up doing (just) 15 as I couldn’t get in the swing fully. Also, a full marathon would have had me out for around four hours and I just didn’t have that amount of time available. 

The important thing was to get out there and put some miles in and having a week with a slightly lower mileage is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is a good part of the plan. 

Monday saw me running with my friend and getting a few good miles under my belt, including some fartleks to up the pace. The second day of Spring was still very cold in these parts and I had to break out the running tights, hopefully for the last time this season. 

And now to Wednesday and a short 6.8 miler around my neighbourhood. Again, as I seem to be having a light week distance-wise, I dialled up the effort and averaged 7:41 pace. It’s been a while since I did a run at a higher tempo. It felt good. 

Mix it up! 


One thought on “Squeezing in a Weekend Long Run (& other stuff)

  1. usabaker

    I’m not a morning runner; I should be it makes why more sense, but my body hates it. Now that my son is on Spring break i’ll be able to make longer runs as I will be able to run home from work 🙂 I love the long runs (10 +) I don’t know why I think I sort of loose myself in the run and my mind finds a nice place to be; well at least until some idiot trys to run me over LOL


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