Today it rained. Heavily.  

But still I ran anyway. I was soaked before I reached the end of my road and still I ran. Nine miles to go.  

I let the quiet into my mind. I turned off my podcast (Maron’s exceptional interview with Gary Shandling WTFPod) and let the world run through me. 

The road became a membrane keeping me from the reflected world of pre-dawn shadows, sliding silently underfoot. Trapped with no-one to witness their existence and exquisite beauty save me and the few brave birds feasting on worms afraid to drown. 

A guitar riff started to cycle around and around in my mind, transitioning to my hand so that as I ran I fingered the frets of an invisible guitar. Imperceptible to a world at large.  

Twice I felt the rain pick up and turn from constant into drenching. And still the world was silent but for the thoughts echoing… Echoing…

Eventually even the thoughts went quiet as the weather washed over me and my conscious mind drifted away. Absent. A body gliding through space. Unaware. 

When my mind returned I was startled by their absence. I was at least half a mile further down the road and still treading the correct course; autopilot. 

My footsteps, like heartbeats, lost to time and beyond the grasp of my conscious mind. 

And still it rained until, at last, I arrived home sodden and at peace. Quietus. 



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