Monthly Archives: April 2016

Lost my Running Mojo

The last couple of weeks have been an on and off relationship with my running. 

I have restarted my daily cycling commute to work and that is making me even more against the running. Strange, right?

The culmination of this being me stopping running after a half mile this morning; walking back and heading down to Starbucks. So much for the long run. 

Now I’m sitting here considering the world. Considering running. Considering cycling. Listening to Marc Maron talking with Louie CK on WTF!; two men at the peak of the game. 


Taking A Day Off

After running an unofficial marathon last weekend and hen not letting up all week (I put on 48 miles total), I decided to take a day off today. 

I had a lazy Sunday breakfast of homemade pancakes with my wife and kids. Chased the kids around the house a few times. And chilled in the afternoon.  

Sometimes you have to allow yourself down time. A couple of days off won’t hurt and tomorrow morning I will be running again… Watch out, Ed, it will probably be a fast morning run! 

Recovery Catch-up

After taking it *slightly* easy for the last couple of weeks, I decided to knuckle down and do another marathon this weekend.

I hadn’t, however, reckoned on there being ridiculously strong winds in our area and a temperature drop back down into the 20s!

The British word “Bugger” seems most appropriate.

However, once I’d mentally committed to the distance I saw no reason to bail and went ahead with the run.

Again I pointed my feet in the general direction of Skippack, PA., and just kept on trucking. The wind was terrible for the first fifteen or so miles. At times it was like leaning against a wall. I was continually buffeted hither and thither as I tried to make slow progress along the road. The temperature drop meant that the chill really bit as the wind wound up. Brrr!

I decided I would take a slightly longer route back to my home as that particular trail was more shielded from the wind. This would mean that I would have to walk a little at the end of the marathon to actually reach my front door and, perhaps most annoyingly, the last two miles would all be uphill. The uphill part is inevitable to get home, but saving it all for the last two miles rather than spreading it across the last seven was a pity – however, needs must and the wind had to be avoided.

The last 14 miles of the run were all on the Perkiomen Trail from Schwenksville down to Oaks. Very pretty and somewhat protected from the wind. 

I completed the 26.22 miles in just a shade under four hours which shows how much of an impact the wind actually had on my performance. The walk home was a just over half a mile which was actually quite a nice way to let my legs relax a little. 

For snacks I had a bottle of Gatorade cut with 50% water, a Clif chocolate mint bar and a six pack of shot blocks. Just about enough to survive the distance.

Of course, once I got home I got an email from my running buddy requesting that we increase the length of our Monday morning run to seven miles. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so I agreed… And it wasn’t tooooooo bad. Although, I did ask that we didn’t do any fartleks as my legs just wouldn’t have managed that.

Given that March has now past I checked my numbers for the month & year… 170 miles for March (pretty darn good) and 411 for the year to date. Now to eat my body weight in mini-eggs…