Lost my Running Mojo

The last couple of weeks have been an on and off relationship with my running. 

I have restarted my daily cycling commute to work and that is making me even more against the running. Strange, right?

The culmination of this being me stopping running after a half mile this morning; walking back and heading down to Starbucks. So much for the long run. 

Now I’m sitting here considering the world. Considering running. Considering cycling. Listening to Marc Maron talking with Louie CK on WTF!; two men at the peak of the game. 


7 thoughts on “Lost my Running Mojo

  1. usabaker

    Don’t feel bad I’ve been struggling to get back to running as well; fell off after I started swimming, I was staring and that 2000.00 bike in my garage that I’ve yet to get fitted. Must be lost Mojo Month,.

  2. swosei12blog

    Sometimes it’s good to cut back. I have starting cycling to work (9.5 miles each way) 2-3 times a week and I have cut back on my running. I guess this may change once I start marathon training.


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