It’s a Small World After All

My travels to England have brought me first to Wokingham and my family home. 

I set out on my run realising that u hadn’t brought a water bottle or phone holder with me on the trip. It’s 78F and sunny here and I hadn’t expected that when I was packing. 

I ran out towards Binfield, then on through Hurst to a village called Whistley Green. 

You can always tell you’re in England when there’s a gentle ripple of applause for a youth cricket team to you right and a  cacophony on your left from the village duck pond! 

There were plenty of cyclist out on these country roads and the occasional runner. 

British roads are hire narrow so you have to be on the look out for approaching cars and to try and get out of the way, if possible. Some of the twisty country roads don’t have pavement (sidewalk) and you are out in the traffic. 

I gave way to a couple of tractors and a few fleet cyclists. 

After Whistley Green (sorry, I love that name), I turned and head toward Winnersh and the Dinton Pastures Country Park. As a child we used to bring our dog out here for walks around the lakes. 

En route to the lakes I ran off down a few random public footpaths that twisted through some bluebell meadows that were in full bloom. It is a pretty time of the year to be England. 

The lakes at Dinton Pastures have been made more people-friendly since my youth, which is to protect the grounds, I suspect. There were quite a lot of dog walkers and some more runners out here, and they have an ‘activity centre’ for boating and fishing. 

There were junior ranger nature walks and an epidemiology  centre for people to learn more about the world around them. We just used to have books with us. 🙂

After this, I asked directions back to Wokingham (as I don’t have phone service and wasn’t 100% sure which way to turn). 

I picked up a bottle of water at an Itlaian deli on the main road back to town, then took a back road off through the woods by what used to be the local all-girls school (clearly something that stood out in my childhood memories). 

This lead back through another recreational ground towards my parents home. 

13.8 miles most of which was on unfamiliar roads. Most relaxing and it seems like a very small world with hardly any distance between the local villages. 

Now to clean up and go out for a pub lunch! 


One thought on “It’s a Small World After All

  1. usabaker

    It’s always interesting going back to the place of your childhood. I went back to what used to be a small town that was mostly cattle and citrus orchards to find the places of my childhood fill with trash from people dumping, the addition of a freeway though the valley was a death sentence. Seem’s your place still retains much of the charm and beauty which is excellent! I could picture the place in my mind from your description but do wonder about the all girls school.


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