Work 5K: SEI Cares Rush Hour Run

It is once again that time of year when the SEI Cares Rush Hour Run happens in Oaks, PA. 

For the first time in many years the temperatures were a lovely favourable 75F. Generally they are in the high 80s with high humidity, so this was a rare treat. 

After a Monday morning run and cycling to work Tuesday, I took Wednesday off running to save something up for the 5K. Now, I’ll admit that this feels a little pathetic as it is only a 5k but the field is very competitive. What do you expect from an Investment Banking company?

And also, this:

There were 500 people at the race at $40 a head, so we successfully raised $20k for charity. 

The race always sells out in a matter of days as there is so much free food and beer after the race. It is quite the party on our riverside/lakeside campus! 

Lots of local vendors give free food away and some raffle prizes, too. 

With the temps so perfect, I had no excuse for under performing… Or so I thought. Then I realised I’d left my phone strap at home and so wouldn’t have pace info. What the hell, I decided to run tech naked. 

As we set off past the Chik-Fil-a cow, the pace at the front was aggressive. Some people can’t pace themselves and I knew I’d soon be passing many of them. 

The course is a very fast route. It starts at the top of a hill and runs down into a riverside park (Lower Providence Valley Park) and along the Perkiomen Trail, then turns around near a dam, but ends before the hill climb! So, you get all the benefits of the downhill with no hard work later. Hurrah! 

Most of the route is in the shade, too, except for a brief portion running directly onto the sun. 

At the half way point I was flagging somewhat. I had no idea how hard I was running but the effort was starting to bite. I slowed a little and a couple of people slid past me, then it got easier.

My wife and kids were waiting about a 1/4 of a mile from the finish so I high-fived all of them and accelerated towards to line. There was no way I was going to catch the people that had overtaken me as they were too far ahead. 

At the end I finished 31st over all and 7th in my age group… With a 20:47 time! That just shows how fast the people in this race are. This time is my second fastest 5k ever and my record was set quite a few years ago when I was more sprightly. 

The guy that won it (for the 8th year in succession) ran 16:3x or something like that. He was two minutes ahead of the next person! 

After a recovery down at the finish line and cheering a few people across the line, I headed up for the after-party. The food and drink were excellent again this year with Dia Dolce cupcakes, Frank and Jenny’s Gelato, pizzas, chik-fil-a sandwiches, pasta, etc… Oh, and a plentiful supply of beer. 

My legs were a bit tight the next day, but not too bad really. It was a good family outing. 


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