Dialling it Back

Happy Fourth of July holiday to my friends in the States. 

This is the first time this year in taking some time off work and extending the weekend a little, so i’m trying not to tire myself out entirely today. 

Therefore, I chose to run only ten hilly miles today rather than the twenty-something I was due for. 

I can’t believe how lovely the weather has been this year. It’s July and the temps are in the sixties with no humidity. Crazy but really nice. 

I was also being careful as I tweaked something in my knee running in the garden with my daughter yesterday evening. Playing tag can be quite risky with constantly switching directions. 

Tomorrow is the fourth and I will be taking part in our annual Tour d’Omlette bike ride into Philly for breakfast at the Famous Fourth Street Deli. It will be around a sixty mile ride and I haven’t done more than ten miles at a time this year, so that will be ‘interesting’. Or should I say, a cracking good time. Egg-puns abound, as you’d expect. 

I am looking forward to catching up with old friends though. 🙂

Take care out there and don’t lose any fingers to fireworks. 


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