Why am I starting down this path of unlearning my bad habits?

1) I’m running longer distances (upto and including marathons) and want to remain injury free.

2) When I run more than a few miles I used to get lower back pain. For several years I ran exclusively on trails and developed back pain on the left lower side. The sort of pain that is mainly a stiffness until you try to lift anything on that side (two year old daughter, for example) when you get a sudden debilitating stabbing feeling. This year I switched to running primarily on roads (something I’ll discuss in another post) and within a couple of months the pain has switched to the lower right side and my left side is fine. This has improved dramatically over the last year and since I’ve been ‘unlearning’ my bad habits.

3) I’ve was slowing down prior to starting this blog. Whereas previously I would regularly clock 7:50 to 8:00 pace I saw this slip to a more sedate 8:30. Pace is an entirely personal thing and I feel that I would like to improve mine. This blog has helped me improve my speed back to and beyond where I was before.

To sum up I would like to achieve easier, faster and higher miles. The impossible dream, right?

Well, let’s just see shall we…


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