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Perception of Time

It’s dark now when I go out in the morning. Truly, properly dark. I had to use my flashlight to see the road ahead of me. Time flies by when you are having fun…

And that is the point of this post today. When I went out I felt fast, smooth, coordinated and like I was moving really well. I didn’t quite hear the stats that my phone read to me at the half mile marker, so I carried on. Still feeling strong and engaged. Then it came to the turn around point and the little voice chirps up a pace of 7:34.

What? How I can I be moving that slowly? It feels like everything is coming together. Sure the GPS is off by a few metres here and there, but I am surprised. Time to redouble my efforts for the return section which starts with a slight uphill.

So, I run harder ensuring more pushing back with my feet and pulling through with thighs. Trying to make sure my hip position is correct, etc. In the end my pace measures 7:28 so I managed to pull it back in some, but it is interesting to see how your perception of your performance may differ from what you are actually recording. Interestingly, when I look at the graph of my heart rate I can clearly see the point where I increased my efforts.

Now it’s time for the excuses: A long ride yesterday with rain all through it. I started at 7am and we were done at 2:30ish. Replaced 3 tubes, one of which was a slow puncture, found one broken cleat on my friends shoe, another friend fell off twice due to new pedal clips, one lost bottle holder and one broken reflector… But a great time was had by all despite what the weather threw at us. My legs are a little tight from being in the saddle for so long yesterday, but in honesty, they aren’t affecting me that much.

Tomorrow is another day.