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Nike+ Niggles Resolved


Last week Nike released an update for their Apple Watch and iPhone app. 

One of the major things that it fixed is something I had commented on in these pages before: when you start the run from your phone it doesn’t put any info on your watch! 

Thankfully, they seem to have resolved this along with putting some additional thought into the solution. 

For one thing, once you start the run on the phone and then get going , if the watch loses contact with the phone it will politely ask you if you wish to continue the run from your watch. Nicely done, Nike. 

Also, if you are running this way and you pass a distance milestone (each half-mile in my setup) it will announce the distance through your headphones that are connected to the phone, but also do a little chime on the watch so that you know you are progressing. 

All-in-all this was a nice update from Nike and I haven’t seen any new problems from it. 

On Friday morning I followed along with my running plan and completed a sixteen mile run. 

To do this on a Friday morning met hitting the streets right around five AM so I could complete it and still get into work on time. The picture above shows the view from my front window. 

It was very cold at 8F (that’s including the windchill; 20F actual) but it was beautiful out. The full moon illuminated the streets perfectly and was enhanced by the snow fall from the previous day; so, while it wasn’t quite full daylight, it was very easy to see without a flashlight. 

To get to sixteen miles I had to make up a new route as all my usual runs of that distance would take in State Parks or Trails and they were all covered in five inches of snow. 

So I concocted a route on the roads of Trooper and Skippack that gave me the necessary distance. An out and back route that wound through some pleasant neighbourhoods and skirted along the side of the Evansburg State Park. 

I wasn’t fast but a steady 8:35 pace was pretty good for that early in the morning and being so  dry thoroughly wrapped up (this makes it harder to run). The route had quite a lot of rolling hills, hence the elevation number above. Notice that t also has my heart rate recorded! 

The rest of Friday was a struggle as I was tired and very hungry(rungry). I didn’t help myself as I was in such a rush to get the run started that I didn’t eat beforehand and I only took half a Clif bar with me; oops. I managed not to eat too much junk though. Honestly. 


Fourteen Mile LSD: Training Starts to get Challenging

Close to zero F again today but with fourteen miles to run. I’m certainly consistent in my pace for these runs as I came in at 2:01:44 for 14.11 miles which is a pace of 8:37. Not too bad. Still am faster than the marathon training plan suggests although very consistent with my previous times.

The roads were messy out there today but easier than running trails that haven’t been cleared. Fortunately there is very little traffic early on a Sunday morning in the wilds if Evansburg PA. Part of my run was through the State park which was beautiful with the light snow covering.

One of my goals for today was to start practicing refueling while running. The distances have now reached a point where I need to take on fuel during the run. So I ate most of a Clif snack bar and three Clif shot blocks. The last two blocks were a life saver as they gave me a real kick to get to the end.

Every time I took a drink of my water the nipple had frozen over. This made me smile and was refreshing!

I have a new top-tip for you: When planning a route don’t believe road names like ‘Level Road’ because it was anything but level! I’m guessing about a mile and a half of climbing. Not entertaining.

Glad this week is over. I believe week four in the plan is supposed to be an easy week but because I have some imminent travel to Singapore I am going to swap weeks and do another high one next week and then the easy one while I’m travelling. Doing sixteen miles in 95F heat after a twenty-two hour flight doesn’t seem like a very sensible idea to me! Remember plans are guidelines so you mustn’t get too hung up on them. You can juggle things to fit with the demands that life puts on you.