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Frozen Chips

Today when I set out for my morning run it was 4F actual with a feel of -10F. 

Pretty. Bloody. Cold. 

The last post had my list of winter running clothes but this kind of temperature deserves extra. So what did I change?

  1. swapped out socks to snowboarding socks. These are great because they grip your feet well and don’t slide down your calves as you run. 
  2. Swapped out running tights (lightweight) for winter weight versions. 
  3. Added a winter weigh cycling jersey. This may seem like an odd idea but there’s a great reason. Cycling jerseys have an extra long back with pockets. These essentially give you a couple of extra layers of warmth across your butt as well as helping to keep you much warmer. 

So how cold was it? I barely noticed the difference to be honest. However, when I took my phone out to snap a beautiful landscape at dawn… My phone froze within a couple of seconds, shut down and wouldn’t come back. I was 6.5 miles into my run when this happened and was about to head off into ‘unknown’ territory. 

Suffice to say I changed my plans and headed back to more familiar trails. 

I tried to restart the phone a little while later but the chips were still frozen. Oh well. 

Thankfully my Apple Watch kept going so I still got credited for the distance but all my gps apps died. Once home and in the warm my phone soon started up again. I just should not have taken it out in those cold temperatures. This has happened before with earlier models. 

My neck gator had icicles. My eyes had them, too, but it was good out there. 

There are very few cars out at six am on a Sunday and even fewer when the temps are sub-zero. 🙂 

<insert a picture here of my shadow illuminated by a golden rising sun that cast my shadow across a golden bush in front of a long valley filled with trees and power pylons; then titled “Man casts a long shadow across a beautiful landscape”. Deep man, and lost forever>

Have a great Valentine’s Day.