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Froze My Butt Off

Finally some wintery weather has descended in the Philly suburbs. 

A light dusting of snow arrived Friday night and then the temperatures plummeted into the low teens Fahrenheit.  

This led to some great playtime with the kids on Saturday and to a very cold run on Sunday morning. 

The actual temp listed was 13F but the real feel was 3F; so getting the right kit was imperative. 

Kit included:

  • Snowboarding socks
  • Under armour underoos (an extra layer for butt)
  • Sugoi winter leggings
  • Under armour cold weather long sleeve shirt (x2)
  • Cycling wind breaker layer (has long back pockets that also cover your butt). Make sure this is a visibility colour against snow; do not wear white or grey. 
  • Balaclava
  • Baseball cap
  • Winter mittens

10 miles later, all that froze was my butt. My face and hands were toasty. I wore my iPhone holder inside my outer layer to stop the phone from freezing up. 

I wasn’t fast but then no one would be with all those layers on. 9:07 average pace reported by Nike+. 

I’m writing this sitting on a heat pad to defrost my extremities 🙂

Tech-wise I ran with my Lumo Run device today and I got ‘in the green’ results for four of the five measured categories, with the only exception being my hip rotation. 

I used Nike+ on my Apple Watch for tracking and started it from my watch. This meant that to hear the announcement for distance and speed I had to hold the watch up to my head as the sound wasn’t routed through my headphones that were connected to my iPhone. Nike really need to get their integration worked out. 

Now to get showered before my sweat causes me to get a chill. 

Have a warm week. 


Frozen Chips

Today when I set out for my morning run it was 4F actual with a feel of -10F. 

Pretty. Bloody. Cold. 

The last post had my list of winter running clothes but this kind of temperature deserves extra. So what did I change?

  1. swapped out socks to snowboarding socks. These are great because they grip your feet well and don’t slide down your calves as you run. 
  2. Swapped out running tights (lightweight) for winter weight versions. 
  3. Added a winter weigh cycling jersey. This may seem like an odd idea but there’s a great reason. Cycling jerseys have an extra long back with pockets. These essentially give you a couple of extra layers of warmth across your butt as well as helping to keep you much warmer. 

So how cold was it? I barely noticed the difference to be honest. However, when I took my phone out to snap a beautiful landscape at dawn… My phone froze within a couple of seconds, shut down and wouldn’t come back. I was 6.5 miles into my run when this happened and was about to head off into ‘unknown’ territory. 

Suffice to say I changed my plans and headed back to more familiar trails. 

I tried to restart the phone a little while later but the chips were still frozen. Oh well. 

Thankfully my Apple Watch kept going so I still got credited for the distance but all my gps apps died. Once home and in the warm my phone soon started up again. I just should not have taken it out in those cold temperatures. This has happened before with earlier models. 

My neck gator had icicles. My eyes had them, too, but it was good out there. 

There are very few cars out at six am on a Sunday and even fewer when the temps are sub-zero. 🙂 

<insert a picture here of my shadow illuminated by a golden rising sun that cast my shadow across a golden bush in front of a long valley filled with trees and power pylons; then titled “Man casts a long shadow across a beautiful landscape”. Deep man, and lost forever>

Have a great Valentine’s Day. 

Cold Weather Running

When I headed out the door today it was 12F. Pretty darned cold by anyone’s measures. This weekend it is going to drop to -1/-2F. 

Why do I mention this? Because if you wear the right things you can still be warm. It isn’t an excuse not to run. 

I was actually slightly too warm with my clothes today and would have been comfortable down to around 5F, I believe. 

So what did I wear?

  • Baseball hat (thick material, not lightweight running version)
  • 180s sports ear warmers
  • Patagonia neck gator (fleece)
  • Under armour cold gear long sleeved compression top
  • Summer weight long sleeved running top
  • Running jacket (wind breaker) as extra layer. Ensure that neck gator tucks inside the outer jacket. Make sure it is nice and bright so you will be seen!
  • Running shorts, as these have two light layers. Standard summer versions thoug. 
  • Running tights, not winter weight. I find my legs don’t get cold (thanks hairy pegs!). These combined with the shorts stop you butt freezing. 
  • Winter weight running socks
  • Standard running shoes. 
  • Running mittens. These actually make my hands sweat! Having all your fingers in the same space make as ‘yuge’ difference to how warm these items are. 

I pull the neck gater up over my chin and the back so that it overlaps the band of the hat. This keeps it all nice in place. 

This is quite a lot of gear and if you run daily (like I generally do) you will need plenty of clothes unless you want to be doing laundry every couple of days. 

Dress well and you can run right through the PA winters. 

Stay warm my friends!

And I’ve just been informed that it is ‘Galentine’s day’ today, so enjoy that ladies. They certainly seem to be celebrating in my local Starbucks…

Cross-Training A-go-go

With only two weeks to go before the MS bike ride I’ve been ramping up my bike mileage and missing a few runs.

This week I’ve managed to put in 12.5 running miles on track and on the road, but I’ve mainly been focused on bike riding and have done around 134 miles with work commutes and today’s ride.

I’ve reached the point where I don’t feel the saddle any more (which is good) and now I just have to get a bit more power in my thighs. I sense some squats in my future. Oh, joy!

Today’s ride was 46F when I set out at six am. Brrr. I wasn’t ready for that and had to ride no-handed for the first five miles with my hands in my armpits to keep them warm! That can be a bit hairy (the riding not the armpits) given some of the hills but fortunately there is no one around at that time in this area.

Five hours on the road and lots of headwind to fight so it was a good workout.

Looking forward to switching back to running… 🙂

Now That’s What I Call Cold!

It’s all about preparation. Know what you are going out in and dress appropriately.

The forecast for this morning was 17F with a real-feel of 7F. Yes, you read that right. 7F. That is -13.8 Celcius if you are that way inclined. What an arctic blast!

The biggest danger in those temps is black ice on the surface of the road. You have to run further away from the edge, many of the sidewalks/pavements have not been cleared so you have to run above the frost line on the road camber.

If you get out early this isn’t normally a problem, but as traffic picks up the drivers get picky about sharing the road with a runner.

I did 9.3 miles today with a pace of 8:11 (back to my pre-blogging pace) but this was my ‘long run’ given the temps. By the end I started to feel the cold getting through to my butt cheeks.

I wore:
Ski underwear lower and upper (long johns and long sleeve top)
Normal shorts
Cold weather cycling gloves (which were too much and I had to take then off a couple of times)
A running t-shirt
A bright running jacket (wind proof)
A balaclava to keep my head warm.

This seemed to do it for me as I was warm and toasty through the run until my butt started to get cold at the 7 mile mark, but that was tolerable.

I will also say that the day was clear and there was no snow falling so visibility was good. If it was snowing I probably would have sought out a trail rather than running on the roads.

Here’s a quick spot the difference for you:

20131211-070617.jpgWhich one is Frosty the Snowman?