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Nike+ Niggles Resolved


Last week Nike released an update for their Apple Watch and iPhone app. 

One of the major things that it fixed is something I had commented on in these pages before: when you start the run from your phone it doesn’t put any info on your watch! 

Thankfully, they seem to have resolved this along with putting some additional thought into the solution. 

For one thing, once you start the run on the phone and then get going , if the watch loses contact with the phone it will politely ask you if you wish to continue the run from your watch. Nicely done, Nike. 

Also, if you are running this way and you pass a distance milestone (each half-mile in my setup) it will announce the distance through your headphones that are connected to the phone, but also do a little chime on the watch so that you know you are progressing. 

All-in-all this was a nice update from Nike and I haven’t seen any new problems from it. 

On Friday morning I followed along with my running plan and completed a sixteen mile run. 

To do this on a Friday morning met hitting the streets right around five AM so I could complete it and still get into work on time. The picture above shows the view from my front window. 

It was very cold at 8F (that’s including the windchill; 20F actual) but it was beautiful out. The full moon illuminated the streets perfectly and was enhanced by the snow fall from the previous day; so, while it wasn’t quite full daylight, it was very easy to see without a flashlight. 

To get to sixteen miles I had to make up a new route as all my usual runs of that distance would take in State Parks or Trails and they were all covered in five inches of snow. 

So I concocted a route on the roads of Trooper and Skippack that gave me the necessary distance. An out and back route that wound through some pleasant neighbourhoods and skirted along the side of the Evansburg State Park. 

I wasn’t fast but a steady 8:35 pace was pretty good for that early in the morning and being so  dry thoroughly wrapped up (this makes it harder to run). The route had quite a lot of rolling hills, hence the elevation number above. Notice that t also has my heart rate recorded! 

The rest of Friday was a struggle as I was tired and very hungry(rungry). I didn’t help myself as I was in such a rush to get the run started that I didn’t eat beforehand and I only took half a Clif bar with me; oops. I managed not to eat too much junk though. Honestly. 


Last Pre-Marathon Run

Well, that was it. The last gentle three (and a half) mile run before my marathon in Rehobeth Beach, DE, tomorrow. I’m nervously looking forward to the race and hoping that I can keep my pace under control in the first few miles; I must not go zooming off too quickly. 

I’ve packed all my running paraphernalia and some warm clothes for afterwards so that I can hang out for the after party. I’ve heard that the party is pretty good and has lots of pancakes; I will definitely avail myself of those!

Picture by TheOatmeal.

The temperature is looking to be perfect; around 40F with a light wind. There hasn’t been much rain recently so the trails will be in good order and I’ve managed to avoid the cough/cold bug that the rest of my household has been suffering. My throat is sore but it hasn’t impacted any of my running or my breathing.

This morning was supposed to be a very easy three mile run but it’s just not worth getting up and out for that so I made it a 3.8 with some hills. It was good to run as the taper has meant that I’ve done very few miles this week. 

Picture by TheOatmeal. 

I’ve not had too many of the taper-hebegebies; not going crazy in the office or getting stressed at the wrong times. I had two parties to attend last night and managed to have plenty of water with my meal. 

In about an hour I will hit the road down to Delaware to pickup my race packet and check in to the hotel.

I’m definitely getting excited now.

Running Longer

After a month of shorter runs due to travel and holidays it was time to up my distance again. 

To get back in the spirit of things I did a ten miler this morning. And guess what? It was bloody freezing again. What is going on? It was 27F with a feel of 20F. I’d already packed away my winter running gear. Oh well. 

Although cold it was beautiful out today. A fresh spring morning with a clear sky and low sun. The bite of the air meant that I needed my ear warmers and neck gaiter when I started out. The warmer came off at mile two but I kept ducking in and out of the neck gaiter as my chin froze when I was running in shades areas. 

All in all I did ten hilly miles with a pace of 8:00 which is reasonable as I haven’t run that far for a while. My legs were still strong at the end of the run and I could have gone longer if I’d prepared more. 

The Air that we Breathe

It was cold again this morning and cold air is hard to run with.

Wearing something like a balaclava or neck gaiter that allows you to breathe through the material will definately help, but only to a point. The cold air shouldn’t hurt you but some people find it tough to run and breathe easily in super cold weather like we have been experiencing lately.

Today it was an actual temp (rather than feels like) of 2F. Bloody chilly with no wind factor. I had “eyecicles” hanging from my lashes and they froze together at one point.

IMG_4328I look like a member of the special forces in this get up. There’s even frost across my forehead and ears.

Dress appropriately and you shouldn’t have an issue but it takes practice to get the number of layers right and to not be too warm after a few miles.

4.75 miles at a pace of 8:01. The mounds of snow at junctions really slow you down. That’s my excuses and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

Run Until Your Butt Freezes

Okay, at least I feel like I’ve made up for my disappointing weekend attempt at running. Today I did get out and do just under 5.5 miles in a temperature that was crazy.

IMG_4314Yes, 2F actual and -15F feel. It was stupidly cold.

My balaclava froze solid. My glasses froze over. My eye lashes froze. I had icicles under my nose and frost inside the seams of my outer layer running jacket. And my butt froze by the time I was home. I also found my stomach was really cold and flushed. Not sure how that happened.

IMG_4315Be careful out there as it is dangerously cold. The roads were clear and frosty and hardly anyone was about. The schools were still opening but all the kids were behind closed doors rather than waiting outside.

This weekend I am home alone with the kids while my wife goes off to sunny Florida to run with Disney Princesses. That’ll be a nice break for her while we’re all shivering away in Philly. Brr. It means that at least I don’t have to feel guilty for not even attempting to set foot outside the door. Hurrah for that. And she will do a good job supporting her friend through her first Half Marathon.

Beaten by the Wind

I feel like a lightweight. I gave up on a run early and came home. Most unlike me.

The temperature was 7F with a real-feel of -12F due to crazy gusting winds. The roads had barely been ploughed and I was having to jump into the slush whenever a car came along. Once in the slush, a gust of wind (30-60mph) would knock you off your feet.

So, after cresting a nearby hill and feeling the full brunt of the wind, I turned myself around and went home to scrape the driveway.

I feel like a failure. Well, sort of. I have run in far colder temperatures but the conditions just weren’t safe. Even running in full winter gear with a full face balaclava I didn’t sweat.

IMG_4308-1In other news, I received a job offer from a very local company and will be accepting it next week. More details once it is sign and sealed. Hurrah!

Plus, it was my son’s early first birthday party yesterday with our friends’ two year old. We parents did a great job decorating/doodling on the table covering.



IMG_4299It was nice to have a party with good friends.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Swear Words

I humbly submit that the following picture should allow me to amend the classic ‘picture paints a thousand words’ to be more specific.

IMG_4268Yes, -7F. That’s with the wind chill factor fortunately, but it was bloody cold out there! 12F was the actual temperature until the wind would blow and then it was really cold. Disappointingly I only had an ice moustache today rather than a full beard.

IMG_4270It was a nice run despite the temperature and the sunrise was spectacular.

IMG_4269I had to stop four times on the run. Once for the photo, twice to adjust my neck gaiter and ear warmers and once to remove my glasses; they were freezing as I breathed out.

Mapmyrun failed to record again so I’m going to say it was four miles at a pace of 8:00. I should have gone longer but I have an important job interview this morning and I have to prepare… I probably shouldn’t be doing his blog so, until later, ‘ta ra’.

Frozen Behind

It was chilly again this morning as the temperatures plummeted to 12F. So I wrapped up in warm clothes as I headed out the door for my morning run.

It was 5:45 am and the sky was a clear blue which illuminated the world well with reflections off the snow.

The roads I ran on we’re all clear of any ice (good job Township) and there were few cars out. The trip out was uneventful and enjoyable.

I turned around at the three mile mark and found that I had been running with the wind. Suddenly it felt much colder. The ear warmers went back on and I pulled up my neck gaiter which was frozen against my chin.

At mile 5.5 I realised I couldn’t feel my butt any more. A quick poke and it was confirmed. My butt was frozen. What! That’s a new one for me. It was an odd sensation and as I sit at home thawing it out I wonder if it will have any repercussions. Hopefully not.

6.5 miles run at 8:18 pace. I’m not sure why I was slower this morning as it didn’t feel slower. Perhaps that’s why my butt froze?

I was out early because I have a couple of phone interviews this morning. I’m hoping that things are starting to move.

Eight and a Half Miles Walk/Run

Another record for the run/walk I am doing with my friend. We blew through the 8 mile achievement and reach 8.5 miles.

I also upped the intervals so we did 45 seconds of running then 4:25 recovery. I know the numbers are odd but I meant to do 4:15 for the recovery and miscalculated. Doh. We managed 11 of these intervals which is equivalent of 495 seconds of running. Not bad.

My friends knee started to twinge a little at that point so we dialed it back and didn’t do any other intervals.

Oh, and did I mention how bloody cold it is here. No? Well, there you go. Brr. It was 23F when we hit the trail this morning and you have to wrap up more when you are doing a walk than when you are running. Those recovery intervals can get chilly! Snowboarding socks, winter leggings, one underarmour layer, another long sleeve top, plus a wind proof outer shell, winter cycling gloves, neck gaiter, ear warmers and a hat. Quite the image.

IMG_4005.JPGI also did a quick run yesterday of four miles in 25F temps. Uneventful. Not too hilly as I was recovering from the long run I did on Monday.

Fourteen Mile LSD: Training Starts to get Challenging

Close to zero F again today but with fourteen miles to run. I’m certainly consistent in my pace for these runs as I came in at 2:01:44 for 14.11 miles which is a pace of 8:37. Not too bad. Still am faster than the marathon training plan suggests although very consistent with my previous times.

The roads were messy out there today but easier than running trails that haven’t been cleared. Fortunately there is very little traffic early on a Sunday morning in the wilds if Evansburg PA. Part of my run was through the State park which was beautiful with the light snow covering.

One of my goals for today was to start practicing refueling while running. The distances have now reached a point where I need to take on fuel during the run. So I ate most of a Clif snack bar and three Clif shot blocks. The last two blocks were a life saver as they gave me a real kick to get to the end.

Every time I took a drink of my water the nipple had frozen over. This made me smile and was refreshing!

I have a new top-tip for you: When planning a route don’t believe road names like ‘Level Road’ because it was anything but level! I’m guessing about a mile and a half of climbing. Not entertaining.

Glad this week is over. I believe week four in the plan is supposed to be an easy week but because I have some imminent travel to Singapore I am going to swap weeks and do another high one next week and then the easy one while I’m travelling. Doing sixteen miles in 95F heat after a twenty-two hour flight doesn’t seem like a very sensible idea to me! Remember plans are guidelines so you mustn’t get too hung up on them. You can juggle things to fit with the demands that life puts on you.