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Slipping and A-sliding

Be careful out there as it is treacherous in the North East USA at the moment. 

I went out for a run and fell over because I was continually transitioning from sidewalks (pavements) to the roadway. The remaining ice from the storm seems to mainly be in those areas and if you try to change direction on it… You’ll go over. 

I think it is better to stick with being on the roads at this point. Be sure to choose roads that have been cleaned and that offer enough space for cars to easily pass you. 

Wear bright (non-White) clothing and flashing lights. 

Another problem I had with the sidewalks was that I would run down a  stretch that had been cleared only to find it dead-ends at a snow bank where the person’s neighbour hadn’t cleared their path. This left me to dive through several three foot deep drifts of snow to get back to the road. Grr. 

Other advice: look for cleared trails and try to run then when the temp is above freezing to avoid ice patches. Most townships do these last so you may have to miss a run if you don’t want to be on the road. 

Take care, my friends.