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Take it in your Stride

It’s the last day of the month so I thought I’d finish it with a bang. 

I’m doing a lot of work on the house at the moment, so I wanted to ensure that I had enough energy left after my run to actually achieve some things today; therefore I chose to run a mid-distance,  eighteen mile route. 

The Perkiomen Trail was beautiful this morning with a temp in the low 70s. The humidity, however, was close to 100%. I was essentially dripping with sweat within a mile. It is a shame that water weight doesn’t count as weight-loss. 🙂

The trail greeted me with many wild animal sightings in the first mile: a doe and her fawn, a fox, a groundhog, some rabbits, a buck and then a heron. 

Clearly I hit that perfect time in the early morning when they are all about the business of getting breakfast. Silflay was the word used in Watership down, I believe. 

It was quite busy out for being so early. At one point (around mile five) I passed the chap that overtook me a couple of weeks ago. He was sitting resting so it didn’t count. But, he did start heading my direction.

I stopped to clear some branches from the trail and glanced behind me about a mile further up the trail and, sure enough, there he was stalking me. 

Not again, my friend. Not again!  

As it happens I could see another runner in the distance and decided I’d use him as my quarry. I increased my pace to pass him. 

It took me close to a three-quarters of a mile to catch up with him. He said he was doing five miles out and about to hit his turn around. This was now about mile eight and I decided I’d do another mile before turning. 

Determined not to be passed now that I had no direct target before me, I tried a few tricks to help keep my pace up:

  • Light on my feet
  • Pushing back as if on a skateboard
  • Standing straight
  • Powering with my arms
  • Engaging my abs. 

It seemed to work as I reached nine miles without being hunted down. 

This list reminds me that my LumoRun is supposed to arrive this week. A cool new gadget to test out. 🙂

Once I started heading back down the trail I saw him about half a mile back. Clearly I’d actually be putting more distance between us. Yes!

The rest of my run was at a more relaxed pace as I took in the lovely scenery and feed across the river. 

I stopped to refill my water bottle with two miles to go. The humidity was really oppressive by this point and I was looking forward to the bottle of Gatorade that awaited me in my car. 

I was basically out of running juice by this time and jogged at a slower pace for the remainder. 

The Gatorade was like nectar and I had soon consumed the entire bottle. 

Now, sitting eating my well-earned lunch on the last day of the month I thought I should check-out my annual mileage thus far. 

Today’s run pushed me upto 156.07 miles for the month and to a total of 921 miles for the year. My second biggest month of the year thus far (March = 170). 

I got a text from my friend that I train with and he said he managed to do 116.5 miles this month which is his highest ever. Having a dog to run with twice a day is really ramping up his mileage and helping him shed some extra pounds. 

Here’s a screencap from a video I took of them them other week. She’s a lovely dog. 

Now I need to get back home and carry on decorating my garage. Some patches to smooth off on the wall and then to put a second coat of primer on to drown out the brown (why’d they choose brown?) drywall. 

My wife is away at the moment but had this t-shirt shipped to me. Funny. 

I guess that’s a good point to finish for now. 

Living the dream, man. 

Living. That. Dream. 


Travel Running: Nottingham, England. 

I’m making the most of my visit to England and have come up to Nottingham to visit my brother and his family. 

Here’s a picture of me outside his house:

All English people live in houses like this one. 

Okay, I am of course kidding and this is Wollaton Hall (the location used as the home of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, apparently). 

The grounds of this house make for a great running route and I did a quick 3.4 miles around the lake and the field. Pace of around 7:37 and I certainly felt fast. 

There were a lot of other runners out and the majority of them did actually respond to my morning greeting. Hurrah!

The red deer here are very different to the White-tailed deer we have in Pennsylvania; far more rugged and seem to have a bit of an attitude. They didn’t like it when I ran close by then when they were taking their morning drinks from the lake. They were hissing at me and sticking their tongues out, mocking or threatening?

The park is a good place to run with no real traffic and plenty of different paths to use. There are a few conservation areas they ask you not to enter but they are clearly posted. It might have been nice to have a map of the entrance and some scattered about the park although I suspect that perhaps I should have just been a little more prepared when it came to route planning; just heading out the door in the general direction of the park may not be the best policy. ;-)

Given my, albeit light, hangover I’m happy that I got out at all. 

First Footing: Does it Count If Only a Dusting?

Despite the forecasts of grave ice and snow for Monday/Tueaday we have been given only a light dusting of snow, similar to sugar dust on a Victoria sponge cake (rumble rumble).

I was out early today as there are a lot of things to get done (meeting someone for lunch, careers fair, mentor group meetup). So at 5:45 I hit the streets and did a quick 4 miler, avoiding the deer who seemed to be stalking me throughout the run.

Mapmyrun failed again today. There was a new update available but that shouldn’t make the old version crash. So I’ve guessed my pace as very fast and super strong.

Seems only fair given how early I went out. 🙂
Now to find some cake…

Fast and Warm (Relatively)

After a few cold days some warmth has returned to our area. A balmy 36F when I hit the streets this morning and I also felt fast. As I started down the drive my feet were turning over very quickly.

IMG_4006.PNGAs you can see just below seven miles but some fast splits (for me) with the last couple being sub-7:00. I’ll take it!

At one point on the run a deer started to bolt towards the road because of a dog behind it. Then it saw me on the road and slowed, but I could see a car coming up the road and knew it couldn’t see the deer because of a line of trees. I stepped out to flag the car to slow down and, sure enough, the deer bolted across the road almost immediately. Stupid animal. Hopefully the driver understands why I flagged them to slow.

Alone With The Universe

Unfortunately the #Run2WorkPHL day isn’t going to work for me this year as it is the day before my vacation and I have to take a boatload of stuff home with me; my runner/rider wardrobe, my towel, my laptop, etc.

So I decided instead to go for an equivalent run before heading to the office.

It was truly beautiful out there. The temp was a perfect 50F with no humidity. As I stepped out the door there were two deer hanging out on the front lawn. They were startled and looked at me like I was in the wrong place. It felt like the scene in highlander where he tries to feel the heartbeat of the deer… As I started to run, so did they. Off into the woods.

Then I ran out along the lovely lonely roads towards Skippack. It was early and there were few cars so I took the chance to turn off my light every so often and run ‘au natural’ under the stars. I could see clearly by the quarter moon and could even make out the Milky Way. Stunning.

IMG_3768.JPGMe and the Moon.

I had one close call nearly steeping on a dead deer that had been laid on the edge of the road. Fortunately it was on a lighter piece if road so I saw it just in time. As I turned to head back there were two more deer on the road that I startled, one of which ran with me for a while.

The it was off home. A perfect run with a reasonable pace of 7:27 over 6.7 miles.

I hope everyone enjoys #Run2WorkPHL day; run commuting is fun.

Run and Done

Got up early. Ran without warming up and the pace for the first few miles really shows that. But that’s my running for the week done. Another 35 mile week and it feels good.

Saw lots of deer this morning and some of them were really agile; one ran along at full pelt and ducked through the gap in some fence railings that was only a foot wide. Really impressive. It didn’t miss a step. That herd were playing in a field that a local stable had setup for gymkhana. They didn’t go over and of the jumps but did go over the outer fences with ease.

9.14 miles at 8:16 pace.

IMG_3661.PNGNow to rest before my long run on Sunday. 🙂

Gorgeous Morning for a Run

The littl’un slept in today so I got to get up and out early. 5:45 I hit the roads and -wow- that was great decision.

It was 50F so it was the first time I got to wear shorts and a single top layer. As dawn broke I was out in the countryside and greeted by a cacophony of cockerels; they went nuts. It was awesome.

It is days like this that make running good.

On the way back I ran past lots of kids at various school bus stops and none of them made snarky comments. Bonus.

All the drivers gave me plenty of space on the roads. Result.

Lots and lots of deer around the route today. I think there were about 15 or so in groups of two or three. White tails bobbing through the trees.

8.2 miles with a pace of around 8:24. Legs felt like lead most of the way but that’s probably because I am behind on my sleep. Que sera sera. It is worth it for days like these!