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First Tracks for an Easy Three Mile Recovery

Surprise! It snowed again overnight. 2.5 inches so far and it is still coming down slowly. I had the honour of making first tracks this morning as few cars had gone by and no snow ploughs yet. I did have to cross the road once as a snow plough bombed past me.

My legs felt leaden when I first started; trying to shake out the lactic acid from Sunday’s 18 miler. Feeling better after the run and it is always a cool thing to run as snow is coming down. 3.2 miles in 26:12 giving a pace of 8:11. It is supposed to be a 9:02 but that isn’t happening. I actually wanted to run it faster but my legs wouldn’t comply.

Roads were also nice and empty as everyone was scraping down their driveways. It is nice to have people to say “good morning” to as you scoot by.


First Tracks and GPS Plague Continues

Beautiful fresh morning today with a very light snow just finishing as I left the house. I always enjoy making first tracks in the snow.

The plan calls for five miles at 9:07 pace (I can’t run that slow, I’m sure) but I was plagued with GPS issues again today. A route that I know is five to five and a half miles was recorded as 6.8. Also, the timing seems to be off as it suggests I did it in 32 minutes, but for the correct distance it should have been around forty! All very odd so I’ve raised a support request with mapmyrun.

I know I did about the right distance and the pace felt reasonable so that will have to do for today. I guess for the next few runs I’ll run Nike+ as well so I get a different estimate that doesn’t rely on GPS.

20140110-071631.jpgRidunkulous! Look at that route.

Saucony Omni’s are working out quite nicely although I find that the tongue has to be in the exact position otherwise the inside edge at the top of the laces rubs against the front of my foot.